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Heartburn-H-pylori & Hardening of the Arteries Are In Your Future If You Choose The Right Path.

Taking Tums? Did you ever think about what happens to that almost indigestible calcium that coats your stomach for a few minutes?
It ends up laying a nice bed of tile in your arteries. And as a nice bonus some complimentary kidney & gall stones.
Of course another option as a nice stocking stuffer to tame your heartburn could be to take some proton pump inhibitors—especially nice if your goal is to be infected with h-pylori for x-mas.

Ulcers -Acid Reflux-Colitis & Holes In Your Tongue

Ulcers are the result of a breach in the mucosal lining that sits on top of all of your gastrointestinal tract from your mouth – to your stomach-your small & large intestines to your rectum.

This mucosal lining is made out of a large variety of beneficial bacteria that are indigenous to not only our gut but to also every cell in our body.


Don’t attack parasites…make the environment uncomfortable for them

Got Lyme – parasites – candida – h-pylori — any kind of pathogens living in you & you are taking things like oregano oil & black walnut etc—-FORGET IT.

That is akin to spraying chemicals on weeds in your garden. Aren’t they just going to grow back? What all these are, is opportunistic free-loading weeds that are able to thrive because the ‘host’


Inflammatory Bowel Conditions & Immune Suppressant Drugs

Have you ever wondered how our lives changed since immuno-suppressant drugs were released on the market?

This is a mind bending pretzel logic story that your prescribing doctor most likely does not understand. In fact it took me years to figure out & how to explain it w/o confusing all of us even more.


What is colostrum? Essential surviving information…

Colostrum is more than just the sticky stuff that the probiotic sticks to.

It contains a database of all of the ‘information‘ that the parents ancestors collected going back 100’s of generations.

Everything they learned to do — self immunize against germs, learn how to digest every single food we can eat —


Sugar & Osteoporosis & Tooth Decay & Poison

Refined sugar vs natural sugar. Have you ever wondered what is the difference?

Osteoporosis is the thinning of bones. There are several causes of this. One of them is diminished hormone levels due to aging. Another is a lack of 84 minerals. Bone is made of a lot more than just calcium.


What is col-itis?


This is pretty simple—–itis = irritation-pain-inflammation.

Ulcerative Colitis just means that the colon has an ulcer which results when the itis is either ignored or does not receive proper treatment.

IC-Interstitial Cystitis is exactly the same condition but occurs in the bladder and as with colitis can be very painful.


Holistic Treatment For IBS – Diet

Are you looking for a Holistic Treatment For IBS? Are you looking for one that works? Don’t be fooled – most don’t.

I am assuming that because you are looking for a more natural treatment for irritable bowel, that you have tried everything your gastroenterologist has suggested.  I am sure this did not include much.