Diarrhea Holding You Hostage?

Blood And Mucus Freaking You Out?

Constipation Keeping You Bloated And Uncomfortable?

You Don’t Have To Continue To Live Like This.

You Can Find Relief From The Symptoms Of

IBS – Colitis – Crohn’s and Constipation Using

A Natural Protocol That Has Worked For 36 Yrs.

A Dose of Reality:

  • You do not have a disease.
  • What separates you from someone who does not have an inflamed bowel is 1/4” of slime.
  • This is called your mucosal lining and you don’t have one.
  • This allows your digestive enzymes to have access to and erode your stomach and bowel wall.
  • This is what causes the most common symptoms of diarrhea / blood / mucus / constipation / pain.
  • This will not go away and will surely get worse without the proper treatment.

How To Fix It:

  • Feed the body specific nutritional supplements that contain the organic nutrients that the GI tissue is made of.
  • Replace the mucosal lining.
  • Rebuild the damaged tissue.
  • There is no maintenance-nothing else to do because you are healed.


  • You tried conventional medicine.
  • You have tried all the diets.
  • You would try supplements but which ones?
  • You are ready for something different.

Dr. Albert Snow:

  • For 36 years I have been healing all inflammatory bowel conditions and constipation.
  • I created the Holistic Gastroenterology Method.
  • I am ready when you are.

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