Diarrhea Holding You Hostage?

Blood And Mucus Freaking You Out?

Constipation Keeping You Bloated And Uncomfortable?

You Have Found a Holistic Approach that Actually Works.

IBS – Colitis – Crohn’s and Constipation

Can All be Healed in 90-120 Days-Guaranteed!

A Dose of Reality:

  • You do not have a disease.
  • What separates you from someone who does not have an inflamed bowel is 1/4” of slime.
  • This is called your mucosal lining and you don’t have one.
  • This allows your digestive enzymes to have access to and erode your stomach and bowel wall.
  • This is what causes the most common symptoms of diarrhea / blood / mucus / constipation / pain.
  • This will not go away and will surely get worse without the proper treatment.

How To Fix It:

  • Feed the body specific nutritional supplements that contain the organic nutrients that the GI tissue is made of.
  • Replace the mucosal lining.
  • Rebuild the damaged tissue.
  • There is no maintenance-nothing else to do because you are healed.


  • You tried conventional medicine.
  • You have tried all the diets.
  • You would try supplements but which ones?
  • You are ready for something different.

Dr. Albert Snow:

  • For 36 years I have been healing all inflammatory bowel conditions and constipation.
  • I created the Holistic Gastroenterology Method.
  • I am ready when you are.

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