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Dr. Snow wants you to know...

Dr. Snow is a recognized thought leader who pioneered the Holistic Gastroenterology Method, the only treatment that brings complete and permanent relief from chronic stomach and bowel issues.

Dr. Snow’s concept is simple: He treats the cause of the problem. He listens to the body, interprets the symptoms and provides what it needs to heal itself.

He does not prescribe drugs. He uses nutritional supplements that contain the organic raw materials that the GI tissue is made of.

His acclaimed book, The Holistic Gastroenterology Method, has changed the way the world sees inflammatory bowel conditions and for over 38 years has consistently helped his patients get permanent relief from the pain of IBS, Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Chronic Constipation.

Dr. Snow earned a Doctorate of Naturopathy from the American Institute of Natural Healing.

CN from Nutrition Institute of America.

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Here's what just a few of Dr. Snow's patients have had to say...

“I went to see Dr.Snow after my first colonoscopy showed some bleeding, a single polyp and the beginnings of Crohn’s Disease. My primary Doctor said that there was nothing that he could do. This made no sense to me. Three years after my treatment with Dr.Snow my colonoscopy showed no history of the above problems. My gastro system is in full working order! Dr.Snow worked with me to holistically clean me up, plus we made some dietary modifications too. He is always there for me and my family for a host of natural medicine questions.”

– Chuck Warshaver

“For 20 years I had resigned myself to having to live with Crohn’s Disease. In November of 2005 I made an appointment with Dr. Albert Snow. His website said that he specialized in the natural treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Having no success with conventional medicine I thought I might give an alternative method a try.6 months and several appointments later all of my symptoms were gone. I have had no problems since.”

– Diane Pride – Ma.

“I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, but once I started using the protocol you sent me I saw wonderful results and felt so much better! I feel better than I have in a long time. Thank you for your ongoing support, especially while I was in the hospital. You did not hesitate to call and check on me, no other Doctor would have done that. Your work is so wonderful and you must get much gratification knowing that you are improving the health and quality of life for so many others. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and co-workers!”

– Tammy Mehlhop, Mn.

“My appointment with Dr. Snow went very well he was very in tune with all my symptoms and he really helped validate the fact that all this was happening to me due to intestinal problems and he explained everything in great detail so that it was easy to understand. I recommend Dr. Snow especially if you’ve been searching for an answer and haven’t found one he really knows his stuff and can offer both advice and the help to solve your problem.”

– Mary Mulready R.N.

You do NOT have to suffer!

Get lasting relief from diarrhea, constipation, IBS, Crohn’s or Colitis!

Frequently Asked Questions

I treat the big 5 of Inflammatory Bowel Conditions (IBS, Colitis, UC, Crohn’s, and Constipation).

All patients receive a personalized treatment plan, supplement guidance and ordering information, access to my Knowledge Database, and monthly reminders and insights to keep your healing on track. You’ll also receive one-on-one access to communication with me throughout the healing process.

The initial consultation is only $295. You get a 30-minute initial telephone appointment with me. You will also gain unlimited exclusive one-on-one access to me throughout the healing process. I micromanage the process all the way through. You will actually get healed, and you’ll end up spending far less than you would (or have) going the traditional route.

It’s called tele-medicine or tech-medicine, and it’s very popular in medicine these days for treatment that does not require examination. We’ve got a plethora of technology at our disposal, which provides me with the opportunity to help people find relief, no matter where they are in the world. Through secure emails and calls, I’m able to deliver all the guidance and information you’ll need to heal your gastrointestinal issues without having to examine you in person.

During the online sign-up process, you’ll fill out a brief form that I’ve designed to capture your medical history, symptoms, and anything else I would need to know in order to effectively treat you.

I treat patients of all ages, including kids. I’ve helped many parents get their little ones back to healthy again.

Absolutely. The only component that will vary in your treatment plan is where you source the supplements I recommend (and I’ll get you all set up with this).

All major credit cards are accepted. The cost for my services is due in total at time of sign-up.

Dietary recommendations and guidance will be provided based on your symptoms.

The Holistic Gastroenterology Method

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