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High Fiber Diet For IBS???


This one drives me crazy! ‘My Doctor said to eat a high fiber diet to treat my IBS.’ It couldn’t be more the opposite. If you do nothing else the #1 rule when you have IBS is to eat a low fiber diet. You already have an inflamed bowel so you certainly don’t need to drag rough stuff over it!

Inflammatory Bowel Conditions Permanently Healing


If you have an inflammatory bowel condition the good news is that with the proper treatment you can permanently repair your gastrointestinal tract. The means is to replace the mucosal lining which protects the tissue of the intestinal wall. This tissue is made up of skin- fat and muscle. Without the mucosal lining our stomach acid erodes the wall and over time will create the symptoms of IBD.

Exploring the Train of Pain

Not only do the symptoms and pain accumulate, but also new symptoms get added at each “train stop.” Additionally the longer a person goes without proper naturopathic treatment, the worse these symptoms can get.

What Causes Inflammatory Bowel Disease?


If you have been told that you have Inflammatory Bowel Disease you are likely in the dark about what initially caused this condition. Your doctor may have told you that the causes for your ailment are unknown. That is not true. Your doctor isn’t holding back useful information from you. The truth is that doctors are not taught in medical school what causes issues like irritable bowel syndrome.

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