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IBS with Constipation

Many of you have been told that you have IBS-C which is irritable bowel syndrome with constipation. This can be somewhat confusing as 75% of people with IBS suffer with it’s most prominent symptom which is diarrhea. Some of you are ‘swingers’- you swing back and forth between the two. Why is this? The reason is that while chronic diarrhea is a manmade condition constipation is a genetic pre-disposition.

Fiber- Yes-No-When?

There is lots of confusion about fiber and Inflammatory Bowel Disease and justifiably so- it is confusing for me too. But- I can clarify it for you and hopefully we won’t get even more confused
The reason it is an issue in the 1st place is that if you have IBD- let’s say IBS- Irritable Bowel Syndrome- it is obvious that your bowel is irritated- evidenced by pain and diarrhea.

What If I Took Control Of My Life?


What if I didn’t have to make sure I knew where every bathroom is when I go to the mall?
What if I didn’t get diarrhea every time I eat?
What if I didn’t have accidents in my pants?
What if I didn’t have terrible bloating after every meal?

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