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Diverticulitis Causes

These are the same as any other inflammatory bowel condition. Essentially it is a man made injury. Diverticulitis does not just occur naturally -as does diverticulosis which is a breakdown of the internal bowel tissue – this comes about mainly from aging. Diverticulitis occurs when there has been damage to the mucosal lining that protects the intestinal tissue from digestive acids and food passing by.

Symptoms as Body Language

You need to listen to your body. You need to become fluent in body language. You do not always need someone else tell you what your body is saying. You are out of touch with your body. Here is lesson # 1 in the body language of the gastro-intestinl tract.

Quiet is goood.

All You Need To Know


This is all you need to know to understand Inflammatory Bowel Conditions.

1. All IBD’s are the same.

2. They are the same condition with different degrees of tissue damage.

3. They are not diseases or syndromes.

Don’t Ignore the 5 Primary Symptoms of Colitis

The symptoms of colitis are no fun. They include severe stomach pain and diarrhea to name a few. Colitis is a serious problem that causes the lining of the large intestine to be inflamed and swollen.

The primary cause of colitis is our exposure to synthetic manmade antibiotics which our environment is saturated with whether through prescription oral or topical antibiotics or from our tainted food and water supply and also antibacterial home cleaning products.

Crohn’s Disease Basics


Let’s clear up some misconceptions to reduce some of the unnecessary panic and get on the right path.

1. Crohn’s is 100% curable with the proper use of natural medicine.
2. Crohn’s is just a more severe case of ulcerative colitis which is just a more severe case of colitis which is just a more severe case of IBS.

Colitis Diet


No need to get freaked out over food. Forget all the theories. It’s not about sugar -wheat- dairy- nightshade-macrobiotic-vegetarian-food combining-whatever. You cannot heal any inflammatory bowel condition with any kind of diet. In fact you cannot even create one. As for inflammatory bowel conditions food is vastly overrated.

The only dietary goal you should have is to not irritate your colon anymore than it already is while you are getting it healed with the proper holistic treatment.



People with IBS-C actually have two conditions. They suffer from both constipation and diarrhea. Well-not at the same time. They swing back and forth often in the same day.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation is quite common. The most common is the version featuring diarrhea. The bowel’s response to inflammation is to draw a lot of water into the colon to dilute the stomach acid and to push everything out to try to limit the damage to the tissue.

Loose Stools


Loose bowel movements are by far the most common symptom of any inflammatory bowel condition and can be the beginning of a more serious problem if it does not get the proper attention. At this stage loose stools which are on the cusp of being diarrhea can be categorized as being IBS.

What is Ulcerative Colitis


Ulcerative Colitis is also referred as UC. It is just a more serious version of colitis which is a more serious version of IBS. Essentially it is a pothole in the wall of your colon. This hole has gone deep enough to hit a blood vessel that springs a leak.

Polyps Are Our Friend


Polyps in our colon are our friend. They are there to protect us. The conditions that bring them about are unnatural but they are natural and we can thank nature for them.

Our colon is supposed to be protected by the mucosal lining. When we have antibiotics they kill off this lining and we no longer have anything protecting the tender skin that makes up the colon wall.

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