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Diet for Colitis?

Remember folks-you can’t eat your way into or out of colitis or any inflammatory bowel condition. But while you are stumbling around looking for an answer be nice to your colon. Eat a low fiber diet and it will be nice to you.

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IBD Check List:Good Sign/Bad Sign


FYI- If you have Inflammatory Bowel Disease (which is not a disease) you need to know these things.

*It is a good sign if you have diarrhea: This is associated with IBS. That is your body talking to you giving you a head’s up that something is wrong.

Tick -Tock

If you have any inflammatory bowel condition your colon could be running out of time. Every time you eat you release digestive acids and they take a bite out of your intestinal wall. The reason that this happens is that somewhere along the way you lost a part of you—your mucosal lining. This acts like a protective barrier.

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