From Crohn’s to Soccer- This Little Guy Has Dodged a Bullet.

  Please read this from the bottom up to see another success story in the making. This young guy was having a very hard time until his parents took a shot at trying something alternative. He had a nasty case of crohn’s ‘disease’ and was looking like a candidate for surgery. This is the chronology … Read more

Ulcerative Colitis – On the Road to Recovery

From: XXXXX> To: Sent: Saturday, March 2, 2013 8:39 AM Subject: Re: Protocol 2/18/13 Dr. Snow, Thank you for the information about the dairy free supplements. I was 99% sure the mucus in my stool was as a result of the dairy based probiotic.  I hadn’t been having mucus in my stool until I started taking that … Read more