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Do Probiotics have side effects? Yes—–Good Ones.


I am asked many questions about probiotics- which means ‘for life.’ My initial response is to ask them whether they ask their doctor as many questions about antibiotics- which by the way means ‘against life.’

Probiotics have side-benefits. This means that while we are taking them for one thing they are helping us with many other things.

Ulcerative Colitis Flare Ups


Many of you who are living with UC spend extended periods of time with no symptoms believing that you are in ‘remission’ and then out of nowhere you get a flare-up!

I want to be clear that unless you have done something specific to heal it this will just keep happening and ultimately the flair ups will come more frequently and will be even worse.

Body Language and IBS Symptoms

I am often asked ‘how do I know what I have?’ ‘I saw 3 dr’s and they all told me something different.’ ‘They did a colonoscopy and said they could not find anything.’

The only way to properly diagnose any inflammatory bowel condition is to ask / listen to the body. It will tell you what it is experiencing by it’s symptoms.