Coffee & IBS—-Is It A Factor?

Do you suffer from IBS? Are you a coffee drinker or consume foods or drinks that contain caffeine?   If this is you perhaps you have given thought as to whether these have contributed to some of your IBS like symptoms.   The potential upside & downside of caffeine consumption are argued in the media … Read more

What is a Spastic Colon? Do You Want The Evolved Answer?

Where you diagnosed with a ‘Spastic Colon?‘ If you were you were likely given a lot of wrong information as to what it is and how to treat it. This problem is universal wherever the archaic-unevolved paradigm that is passed for ‘modern; medicine is applied. In fact the truly evolved means of treating man made … Read more

NSAIDs And Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Most people believe that Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs cause inflammatory bowel conditions. Not so. Yes it is true that the use of drugs such as aspirin- ibuprofen and naproxin can contribute to the inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract but they are not the cause- they are only the secondary influence. The cause of these conditions … Read more

What is Gastritis? If You Have It—This Will Change Your Life

Have you been diagnosed with Gastritis? If you were you probably were told some very vague non-information by your doctor & it was essentially don’t worry about it. Typically the most technical advise is to take Pepto Bismol & to lay off of the cheesecake. If you’ve been to you PPC or gastroenterologist for gastritis … Read more

Being Anal About Constipation

You are constipated and you don’t even know it. I hear it all the time–‘I’m not constipated I go like every other day.’ That’s not good enough my friends. You have no connection with your body. Where is the common sense? Here is how it is supposed to be- The mammalian body is designed to … Read more

New Years Resolution: How About Finally Getting Your Butt Straightened Out.

How long has this been going on? Are you going to keep doing this indefinitely? Do you have a good quality of life? Are you in denial? Isn’t this stressful? Are you exhausted by this? Is it more than a little scary? Feel trapped? Gulping down Imodium-Miralax-Kaopectate-Tums-Nexium—–is this normal? The last time I checked they … Read more