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Constipation Help


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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you a million times over! Voila…just like that increasing the constipation solution worked!! Thank you so much for being so encouraging, positive, optimistic and knowledgeable about this!

Ulcerative Colitis : On the Road to Success


Not all of my clients respond this well-this fast. The 1st 30-45 days are primarily for establishing some basics. Although many of the symptoms will still be present they will be mostly less severe. The one symptom we can almost always gain complete control over—-even in as little as 7-10 days is diarrhea.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease and the Healing Process


This is a quick summary of the things I need to consider when assessing and treating all IBD’s. This is the 1st step in my method of assessment and treatment. See where you fit on.

IBS-Diarrhea: Loose stools sometimes accompanied by urgency. This is caused by inflammation of the bowel and is the body’s response to protect you by releasing water into the bowel to dilute your stomach acids and to move the matter out quickly.

FAQ’s : Things You Should Know About IBS

I have been a holistic gastroenterologist for over 3 decades. Basically I am in the business of preventing people from having bowel surgery.

These are some of the more common questions that my clients ask.

Q: Is IBS an Auto-Immune Disease?

A: No. In fact it is not a disease at all.

IBS-Colitis and Crohn’s


It is obvious that these are all inflammatory bowel conditions but what is the difference between them? Not much and it’s not what you think. Here is the quickest and most accurate answer which contains all you need to know.

Here goes. There is only one IBD which is IBS.

Correct Colitis Diet – Correct Colitis Treatment

Being that all forms of colitis are the same and in fact all inflammatory bowel ‘diseases’ are the same manmade ‘injuries’ to the lining of the small and large intestines they should all have the same diet with that being low fiber—no raw fruit -no raw vegs -no nuts-no seeds-no corn. Why? This is because your intestines are already irritated so we do not want to drag rough stuff over it.

The Truth About What Crohn’s ‘Disease’ is Not and Is Not.


Crohn’s ‘Disease’ is not a disease. Your immune system is not attacking your colon.

Crohn’s ‘Disease’ is a manmade condition that is created when we use antibiotics in some form such prescription oral or topical antibiotics. Antibiotics pumped into our foods or from the chlorine in our water supply.