Inflammatory Bowel Conditions & Immune Suppressant Drugs

Have you ever wondered how our lives changed since immuno-suppressant drugs were released on the market? This is a mind bending pretzel logic story that your prescribing doctor most likely does not understand. In fact it took me years to figure out & how to explain it w/o confusing all of us even more. Are … Read more

What is colostrum? Essential surviving information…

Colostrum is more than just the sticky stuff that the probiotic sticks to. It contains a database of all of the ‘information‘ that the parents ancestors collected going back 100’s of generations. Everything they learned to do — self immunize against germs, learn how to digest every single food we can eat — every single thing … Read more

Sugar & Osteoporosis & Tooth Decay & Poison

Refined sugar vs natural sugar. Have you ever wondered what is the difference? Osteoporosis is the thinning of bones. There are several causes of this. One of them is diminished hormone levels due to aging. Another is a lack of 84 minerals. Bone is made of a lot more than just calcium. Tooth Decay also … Read more