Diverticulitis What is this?

  Anyone who has had a diverticulitis attack knows how painful they can be. Most will end up at the emergency room. The symptoms of diverticulitis develop when little pouches in the intestines which are called diverticula become infected or inflamed. When the presence of these pouches is chronic and not painful it is called … Read more

Antibiotics are a good thing.

This post is the continuation of a conversation I have just had with a client. Antibiotics are a good thing to take—–under the right circumstances. If you are dealing with symptoms of Candida- SIBO-Parasites and any other infectious gastro-intesinal issues popular today – you are “infested” with who knows what. It is a mess. It … Read more

Don’t attack parasites…make the environment uncomfortable for them

Got Lyme – parasites – candida – h-pylori — any kind of pathogens living in you & you are taking things like oregano oil & black walnut etc—-FORGET IT. That is akin to spraying chemicals on weeds in your garden. Aren’t they just going to grow back? What all these are, is opportunistic free-loading weeds … Read more