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Probiotics 2.0

There is so much great stuff happening in the probiotics world— between research and product development. So—here is a short version of what could be important to you.
We all know about the common strains of bacteria that we see on the bottles of probiotics that we have in our refrigerators– such as lactbacillus and bifidus etc.

What Foods to Eat for IBS

If you have any inflammatory bowel condition such as IBS-Colitis -UC- Crohn’s Disease or Diverticulitis you should eat a low fiber diet which is no raw vegs-no raw fruit-no nuts -no seeds -no corn.

The only caveat to this is if there is some other food that causes a problem which typically would be gluten or dairy then we put that one aside and like the rest we will get back to it later.

There are Probiotics and then there are——–

Folks—- Please know this— there are probiotics and then there are probiotics.Not all probiotics are created equal -especially the man-made ones.Probiotics are by far the most important substance that you can put into your body. That is why mother nature makes sure they are the very 1st thing that we ingest—- from mothers milk. This is not something that mankind in some laboratory can reproduce.

Fight for your Bowel Rights!

It is your right to establish the conditions of a perfectly functioning bowel. You need to create a new normal. Go back to your roots. Don’t settle for less! This is what our forefathers fought so hard for! Stand up for your bowel rights! There should be a constitutional amendment-freedom of bowel expression! Bowel Emancipation for all!

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clarity


I would like us all to get clear on the most common misconception regarding inflammatory bowel conditions.

IBD is not a separate condition. It is just an umbrella term used to categorize various gastrointestinal problems.

None of these conditions are diseases.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Ulcerative Colitis



They are all manmade conditions and they all have one more thing in common- they can all be healed.

Symptoms as Body Language

You need to listen to your body. You need to become fluent in body language. You do not always need someone else tell you what your body is saying. You are out of touch with your body. Here is lesson # 1 in the body language of the gastro-intestinl tract.

Quiet is goood.