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Why Do I Have Blood In My Stool?

a-glass-of-210629_1920Should I worry if there’s blood in my stool?

The presence of blood in your stool does not typically appear unless you have a fairly severe inflammatory bowel condition.

These conditions would be ulcerative colitis or crohn’s. What it means is that your stomach acids have eaten a hole in your intestines and penetrated deep enough to erode a blood vessel causing blood to leak into your stool.

Sometimes this can be confused with blood that is coming from a hemorrhoid!

This can be disconcerting but should not be a reason for panic as it can be fixed.

  1. The first thing to do is to visit your doctor to help you to determine exactly what is causing the bleeding. We like the diagnostics they can provide as they can tell you exactly what is wrong. But they are unlikely able to tell you how to fix it.
  2. The 2nd thing to do is to find an experienced holistic gastroenterologist who will be able to repair the compromised bowel tissue and blood vessels using the very organic raw materials that they are made of. This is akin to taking calcium to help heal a broken bone.

You can rebuild your colon but remember that it is not made out of prednisone!

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  1. Chuck Schubert

    I have been diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis. I was told an occasional flare up would happen a couple times per year. Instead it has gradually worsen to flare ups a couple times per month to the point that sometimes it will turn all the water in the toilet bowl red. The bleeding does not bother me as much as the difference in my entire body. I can feel it on-setting before it arrives and upon arrival it feels like a knife being injected. What are your thoughts.

    1. Dr. Albert Snow

      Chuck—-as you likely know this will not just go away on it’s own & there is no diet or medication that will heal it. This can be fixed–we would need to use specific supplements to rebuild the bowel wall. The longer you go w/o getting it fixed—–even when you may be having a smooth period–it is slowly getting worse to the point where you will be in a flareup most of the time. You need to get this fixed. Please give me a call at-888-571-1855 or email me at I will help you anyway I can even if you choose not to be my patient I may be able to give you some valuable information.

  2. Amy S.

    Dr. Snow, I currently have rectal bleeding most days. My doctor wants me to have a colonoscopy. Would that cause more problems? Should I wait until I am no longer bleeding?

  3. Albert Snow

    Amy, It is not likely that a colonoscopy would put you at risk for any additional tissue damage. I assume that your doctor determined that you do not have bleeding hemorrhoids. You should not wait until you stop the rectal bleeding because you do not know what is causing it. I suggest you have it done now.

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