Don’t Wait To Fix Your Bowel Problem

November 19, 2013

All inflammatory bowel conditions are degenerative. This means that they will inevitably over time get worse. They never get better- just go away on their own. Remission is a myth. This includes while being on meds such as prednisone that will mask the symptoms. This will dangerously lull you to sleep. While you are getting a temporary break from the diarrhea or blood and mucus in your stool-behind the scenes that damage to your colon continues.

Do not put off getting proper treatment for this-whether it be IBS-colitis-ulerative colitis or crohn’s ‘disease.’ They all have the same story. If you wait and do nothing surgery will be in your future.

The rule of thumb is that for every year that you have a health problem-in this case inflammatory bowel ‘disease’ that goes untreated it can take a month to heal. That is only if you have not gone past the point of no return for which there is no treatment.

The bottom line of what is happening with these conditions is that the bowel tissue is wasting away-eroding and there is only so much tissue there-that being skin – fat and muscle. Once you run out you are screwed.

The good news is that this can be reversed. The most fundamental thing you can do is to ingest concentrated amounts of the nutrients that the gastro-intestinal tract is made of-proteins and fats. Once you have gotten to the point where you have symptoms that means you have gaping holes in this tissue and just eating high protein and healthy fat foods will not do the trick. You need the factors contained in these foods in supplement and highly concentrated and absorbable form.

You can rejuvenate this tissue as long as there is still some there. Wait too long—and it will be too late. That’s when they will open you up with a colostomy where they remove any remnants of tissue and hand you a bag. Sorry to be so blunt. I am just trying to wake you up to the truth.

Now that you know this you need to do something about it.

Don’t wait.

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