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Inflammatory Bowel Conditions Permanently Healing


If you have an inflammatory bowel condition the good news is that with the proper treatment you can permanently repair your gastrointestinal tract. The means is to replace the mucosal lining which protects the tissue of the intestinal wall. This tissue is made up of skin- fat and muscle. Without the mucosal lining our stomach acid erodes the wall and over time will create the symptoms of IBD.

Constipation and Heartburn

How is it possible that these very common gastrointestinal problems are related?

After all one of them – constipation involves the lower GI and the other heartburn involves the upper GI-the esophagus.

Never heard of such a thing? Well you are not alone. It is unlikely that your gastroenterologist knows either.

What Chronic Constipation Is & Is Not

  • Chronic Constipation is not an inflammatory bowel condition.
  • Chronic Constipation is not a disease.
  • It is a genetically predisposed condition that you inherit. Someone relative somewhere along the way passed it on to you. You are not doing anything wrong.
  • The problem is mechanical.

What Irritable Bowel Syndrome With Constipation Is & Is Not

  • IBS is an inflammatory bowel condition that affects the colon.
  • IBS is not a disease.
  • IBS is a manmade condition created by exposure to antibiotics in various forms.
  • These come by way of prescribed oral or topical antibiotics and our tainted food &

Being Anal About Constipation

You are constipated and you don’t even know it.

I hear it all the time–‘I’m not constipated I go like every other day.’

That’s not good enough my friends. You have no connection with your body. Where is the common sense?

Here is how it is supposed to be-

The mammalian body is designed to eliminate 3 times daily.

Why Am I Constipated?

If you are constipated it is not because you are doing anything wrong. Instead it is who you are.

  • You can’t make yourself constipated.
  • There is no anti constipation diet. It’s not about food. You can’t eat your way into or out of constipation.
  • So what is constipation all about?

Your Hemorrhoids Can Be Healed & The Correlation Between High Pressure-Constipation & Hemorrhoids

That’s right–you don’t have to live with Hemorrhoids!

I know many of you have wrestled with these for years. Some of you got them from pushing—-whether a baby or from constipation & some of you don’t know how you got them.

It does not matter how you got them-what matters is if you understand what they are and from there it is more likely that you can learn how to fix them.