Constipation and Heartburn

How is it possible that these very common gastrointestinal problems are related? After all one of them – constipation involves the lower GI and the other heartburn involves the upper GI-the esophagus. Never heard of such a thing? Well you are not alone. It is unlikely that your gastroenterologist knows either. This can seem odd also … Read more

Diarrhea Is Our Friend

If you have any of the inflammatory bowel conditions there is a good chance that a predominant symptom is diarrhea——thank god for diarrhea! We are so lucky to have a mechanism in our body that when our bowel is irritated it dumps a lot of water into it whitch then causes diarrhea. If you have … Read more


Diarrhea is the single symptom that all inflammatory bowel ‘diseases’ have in common. People suffering with IBS/Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Colitis-UC/Ulcerative Colitis-Crohn’s ‘disease’ all experience either periodic or urgent diarrhea usually to some degree daily. This can be managed short term with otc meds like Imodium or by eating very restrictive diets. But—it will never go away … Read more

Treating IBS the Natural Way

Natural Treatment for IBS IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome – is a diagnosis that is often misunderstood – and mistreated – not only by those afflicted with this disorder but by health care professionals as well. Before looking at any natural treatment for IBS it may help to first understand exactly what it. Actually it … Read more