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What is colostrum? Essential surviving information…

Colostrum is more than just the sticky stuff that the probiotic sticks to.

It contains a database of all of the ‘information‘ that the parents ancestors collected going back 100’s of generations.

Everything they learned to do — self immunize against germs, learn how to digest every single food we can eat —

Digestive Enzymes May Not be Good For You

Don’t be so fast to think that digestive enzymes are the answer to your stomach problems. They may be—but then again there is more to think about here than you may think.

It appears to make sense that if after eating either specific foods or even for some of you after eating most anything you get bloated—excessive gas—bloating-heartburn-nausea—-all that kind of stuff-that maybe it would help if you took a digestive enzyme.

Indigestion & Your Tongue

If you no matter what you eat you seem to have chronic indigestion-gas & bloating then you need to be re-introduced to your tongue—-it will tell you what to eat.

In our ignorance of how our body works & being under the influence of what the food manufacturers want us to eat we have no idea of what you eat—we are totally lost.