Signs of Crohn’s Disease

Just to clarify the use of symptoms to diagnose inflammatory bowel conditions. You know that you have passed from Ulcerative Colitis into Crohn’s when in addition to urgent diarrhea and blood in your stool- you find mucus in your stool. The mucus represents your body’s last ditch effort to protect you from your stomach acids … Read more

Colitis Cures?

  I was asked this yesterday.  ‘Are there any good colitis cures?’ My answer was ‘yes there is one – it’s a natural one and it’s the same as the one for IBS and crohn’s.’ Any other inflammatory bowel condition cure is bogus. Why is this so? It’s because these are all the same condition with … Read more

A Modern IBS Rationale – When Is Your IBS Cured

Let me pose this question. How do you know when your IBS is cured? This also goes for any other inflammatory bowel condition. Here is the only rational answer: listen to your body. You will know when your symptoms are gone for an extended period of time. What is extended? This would be a minimum of … Read more

Is fiber good for me? It depends…

There is more to know about fiber than you think! If you have an inflammatory bowel condition it can be complicated and you could do yourself more harm than good. We all think about fiber being good for constipation which it is but there is more to the story. What compounds this problem is that … Read more

Diverticulitis Causes

These are the same as any other inflammatory bowel condition. Essentially it is a man made injury. Diverticulitis does not just occur naturally -as does diverticulosis which is a breakdown of the internal bowel tissue – this comes about mainly from aging. Diverticulitis occurs when there has been damage to the mucosal lining that protects … Read more

Crohn’s Disease Basics

  Let’s clear up some misconceptions to reduce some of the unnecessary panic and get on the right path. 1. Crohn’s is 100% curable with the proper use of natural medicine. 2. Crohn’s is just a more severe case of ulcerative colitis which is just a more severe case of colitis which is just a … Read more

Inflammatory Bowel Confusion

  There are a lot of questions concerning inflammatory bowel conditions. I don’t blame you if you are scared to death after leaving your doctor’s office. Lot’s of mumbo-jumbo. It is often true that if you go to 2-3 doctors that you will get 2-3 different opinions. It should not be sooooo complicated. Modern medical … Read more

Colitis Diet

  No need to get freaked out over food. Forget all the theories. It’s not about sugar -wheat- dairy- nightshade-macrobiotic-vegetarian-food combining-whatever. You cannot heal any inflammatory bowel condition with any kind of diet. In fact you cannot even create one. As for inflammatory bowel conditions food is vastly overrated. The only dietary goal you should … Read more


  People with IBS-C actually have two conditions. They suffer from both constipation and diarrhea. Well-not at the same time. They swing back and forth often in the same day. Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation is quite common. The most common is the version featuring diarrhea. The bowel’s response to inflammation is to draw a … Read more

Crohn’s Disease Facts And Myths

  If you suffer from crohn’s disease, you should have some accurate information about it. 1. Crohn’s Disease is not a disease. It is a manmade inflammatory bowel condition. 2. A crohn’s disease diagnosis just means that there is more damage to the colon than IBS- colitis or UC. 3. Scopes and blood work tell … Read more