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What is Gastritis? If You Have It—This Will Change Your Life

Have you been diagnosed with Gastritis? If you were you probably were told some very vague non-information by your doctor & it was essentially don’t worry about it. Typically the most technical advise is to take Pepto Bismol & to lay off of the cheesecake. If you’ve been to you PPC or gastroenterologist for gastritis you can probably confirm what I am saying.

What is Gastritis?

Gastritis although not an inflammatory bowel disease—-it is IBS of the upper GI- stomach and the esophagus.

I know for certain that you never heard anyone say that before. That’s because no one else has the insight that I do and that insight has cured a lot of supposedly incurable supposed diseases. The problem is that highly educated people don’t think outside of the box—don’t stretch –

What is Gastritis

Gastritis is different than colitis or irritable bowel syndrome—-or is it?

Well I guess that means we need to clarify some things. When discussing anatomy and we hear ‘itis’–arthr’itis’- burs’itis’-pancreat’itis’- bronch’itis’- no matter the body part we are referring to tissue that is irritated. That is one thing that every cell in our body has in common.

Indigestion & Your Tongue

If you no matter what you eat you seem to have chronic indigestion-gas & bloating then you need to be re-introduced to your tongue—-it will tell you what to eat.

In our ignorance of how our body works & being under the influence of what the food manufacturers want us to eat we have no idea of what you eat—we are totally lost.