Bad Breath Is IBS Of The Mouth

Colitis is a sinus infection of the colon. A sinus infection is a yeast infection of the nose. Asthma is crohn’s of the lungs.Asthma is crohn’s of the lungs. C-diff is a UTI of the intestines. Cystitis is colitis if the bladder. Conjunctivitis is diarrhea if the eye. An anti-histamine is Imodium for the sinus … Read more

What Irritable Bowel Syndrome With Constipation Is & Is Not

IBS is an inflammatory bowel condition that affects the colon. IBS is not a disease. IBS is a manmade condition created by exposure to antibiotics in various forms. These come by way of prescribed oral or topical antibiotics and our tainted food & water supply. The antibiotics destroy the mucosal lining that protects the colon … Read more

Probiotics for IBS: How Probiotics Benefit Your Health and Aid Your GI Condition

probiotics for ibs

You may have heard that you should be taking probiotics for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). What are they anyways? Probiotics are live useful microorganisms like bacteria or yeast that are available in foods and supplements. Incredibly enough our digestive system is the home of more than 500 species of bacteria all of which help keep … Read more