Food Has Nothing To Do With Causing Or Curing Your Inflammatory Bowel Condition

  You can’t eat your way into or out of any IBD. Eating lots of junk food doesn’t cause it and eating organic food can’t fix it. We need to stop playing the blame game. We need to stop manipulating food. In the treatment of your inflammatory bowel condition you need to pay little attention … Read more

Yes You Can Eat That—Soon!

  If you have any inflammatory bowel condition such as IBS – Colitis – Crohns’s and I tell you to eat a low fiber diet what I mean is no raw fruit-no raw vegs -no nuts -no seeds -no corn. This is because you don’t want to drag rough stuff over an already irritated bowel. … Read more

The Proper Treatment Of Inflammatory Bowel Conditions

[:en] Do you know how you can get relief? Do you know how you can stop the pain and discomfort? All Inflammatory bowel conditions being IBS –  colitis –  ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease are the same manmade condition separated only by the amount of damage done to the colon. The amount of damage is … Read more

IBS & Food – All You Need to Know

There is not a lot that needs to be said about IBS or any inflammatory bowel condition and food. If somebody you are talking to – a doctor or holistic practitioner or your sister says more than this then they don’t know what they are talking about. It’s not about the food! Food is not … Read more

Science Is Finally Discovering What Mothers Have Known For 1000’s of Years

I was sent this interesting article by an associate of mine. I hope you enjoy it along with several comments by me at the end. Albert, Just came across an interesting new study. Happy New Year, Howard Simon Breast Milk Promotes a Different Gut Flora Growth Than Infant Formulas By Duke Medicine News and … Read more

Foods To Not Eat If You Have IBS, Colitis or Crohn’s.

I have stated many times that food has nothing to do with inflammatory bowel or stomach problems including acid reflux. That is true in the context of what causes these conditions. You cannot eat your way into or out of these conditions. The nature of these conditions is that there is damage to the tissue. … Read more

IBD is not an Auto Immune Disease

IBS – COLITIS – UC – LEAKY GUT SYNDROME – CROHN’S DISEASE ARE NOT AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES! The title auto–immune disease suggests that the cause of these symptoms: – diarrhea – pain – bloating rectal bleeding and mucus in the stool is the immune system attacking the intestines for no apparent reason. Science cannot explain exactly … Read more

Your Bowel Is Your Boss

Who rules? I’ll tell you who rules. Your butt does. How about when you want to go to a movie and catch a bite—–but are too afraid of having urgent diarrhea or embarrassing gas on that 1st date? How about when you can’t wear that new outfit you bought on sale because every time you … Read more

Crohn’s Disease

From: xxxxxxxx To: Cc: Sent: Monday, November 12, 2012 1:03 AM Subject: Pre-Appt Form: Name: xxx–xxxxx Age:  32 Email: Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx Have you been diagnosed by a Medical Doctor: Yes If you answered yes to the question above, what was the diagnosis? crohns disease What are your current symptoms? Since starting your … Read more

A nice X-mas present from the UK

   From: XXXXXXX <> To: Dr.Albert Snow <>  Sent: Friday, December 7, 2012 3:16 PM Subjecct Re: Protocol  9/4/12 Summary: Ulcerated Colitis / Multiple bowel movements per day – Diarrhea Mucus / Blood / Pus / Pain. Has come & gone in the past. Hi Dr. Snow All set for Christmas? Just thought I’d drop you an update. I … Read more