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The Mother Of All Probiotics

[:en]Probiotics—-everybody is taking them. We all know how important they are to achieve and maintain high levels of health. But very few of you know even the very most basic things about them.

What are they? They are naturally occurring strains of ‘good’ bacteria.

What do they do? They do many things and perhaps the most important is that they control ‘bad’

SIBO – Small Bowel Bacteria Overgrowth

SIBO is the result of the disruption of the bacterial balance of the stomach and bowel which creates malabsorption, leaky gut and a translocation of bacteria into the bloodstream.
Some common causes are that we eat too much and we eat too fast. We eat food that is not designed for the human body and when our digestive system doesn’t work right we take all kinds of drugs to reduce hydrochloric acid.

Do Probiotics have side effects? Yes—–Good Ones.


I am asked many questions about probiotics- which means ‘for life.’ My initial response is to ask them whether they ask their doctor as many questions about antibiotics- which by the way means ‘against life.’

Probiotics have side-benefits. This means that while we are taking them for one thing they are helping us with many other things.

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