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[:en]If you want Esophageal Cancer do this– I’ve seen it work many times.[:]

[:en]Many of you are unwittingly already implementing this plan so it may sound familiar.

1. Get heartburn (requires prior use of antibiotics)

2. Take PPI’s like nexium – they should just package these & the antibiotics together—shrink wrap them—like ‘batteries included.’

3. Stupidity—just take them w/o asking questions in perpetuity.

[:en]Ulcers -Acid Reflux-Colitis & Holes In Your Tongue[:]

[:en]Ulcers are the result of a breach in the mucosal lining that sits on top of all of your gastrointestinal tract from your mouth – to your stomach-your small & large intestines to your rectum.

This mucosal lining is made out of a large variety of beneficial bacteria that are indigenous to not only our gut but to also every cell in our body.