[:en]This Is What An Appt With Me Is Like[:]

[:en] This is an email I got from a patient that also demonstrates what an appt with me is like. Important Point to make & insight into the crux of my treatment. ‘The treatment is the same for everyone-because the underlying issues are always the same no matter what the symptoms are.’ There are not … Read more

[:en]If you want Esophageal Cancer do this– I’ve seen it work many times.[:]

[:en]Many of you are unwittingly already implementing this plan so it may sound familiar. 1. Get heartburn (requires prior use of antibiotics) 2. Take PPI’s like nexium – they should just package these & the antibiotics together—shrink wrap them—like ‘batteries included.’ 3. Stupidity—just take them w/o asking questions in perpetuity. (anyone ever have their doctor … Read more

Human BioComputer 4.0 How Your Body Works

Human BioComputer Maintenance & Repair I spend my day introducing people to their body. Let’s start with the basics – If your body is not working right & you have no pain– then you have a software (mucosal lining) problem. If it is not working properly & you do have pain – then you have a software & … Read more