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Colitis Treatment


Most of the people who come to me for help are in a flair up condition where all of their symptoms are at a peak or they have been living with chronic symptoms but are not in a crisis mode. With regards to colitis these symptoms are typically very frequent and urgent diarrhea. If they find themselves having blood or mucus in the stool that is a sign that they have progressed into ulcerative colitis or crohn’s disease which is inevitable without the proper care. You may be surprised by what I recommend for colitis treatment when you are living with these symptoms on a daily basis.

If you are very uncomfortable and these symptoms are interfering with your social and professional life I recommend that you use these typical medications for a short duration to give you some relief until you receive the proper care. These are a few examples of the meds prescribed by medical professionals and if used properly can contribute to your recovery

1. Imodium -this is an OTC med and you may take this daily to help manage your diarrhea. There are not any serious symptoms to worry about when using this.

2. Steroids such as Prednisone–they work well to shut down the symptoms but have serious side effects if used long term.

3. Asacol-Mesalamine-this is not a steroid and does not have as serious symptoms as steroids.

4. Pentassa—which is also not a steroid and does not have serious symptoms when used short term.

Why do I condone the use of these medications in your treatment IBD? This is because with short term use they can give you relief from your symptoms allowing you to live closer to a normal life without any side effects while help is on the way with effective proper treatment through holistic gastroenteroogy which can eventually fix the problem. You may continue to take the prescription meds while being treated with the nutritional supplements as there are no contraindications. I like to use these meds as a bridge to recovery. Then after the appropriate amount of time we experiment with the reduction of the meds while still taking the supplements and as we see less or no symptoms we decrease them until we are able to sustain perfect symptom free function without the medication. We then do the same with the nutritional supplements and in most cases you are able to live symptom-nutritional supplements and medication free.

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