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IBS-Colitis And Crohn’s – Is There A Difference?


No there isn’t. They are all the same manmade inflammatory bowel condition. The only difference is the degree of damage to the tissue. It is just like 1st-2nd-3rd degree burns.

Essentially they are all different versions of IBS. They key word with this condition is ‘irritable.’ It all starts with irritation and the longer one goes without the proper care the more it turns into various stages of inflammation.

Being that they are all the same condition they require the same treatment. Minimal irritation needs minimal treatment. Maximal inflammation requires maximal treatment.

The only difference is a matter of degree.

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  1. Kevin Y. Tampa Fl.

    They keep telling me I have different conditions-I even got a 3rd opinion that way different than all of them. Yet—–they all prescribed the same drug? It has been 2 years and I am no better in fact I have worse off.

  2. Albert Snow

    Kevin-most of my patients have similar stories. I treat all of my patients with a similar version of the same protocol & they all make a full recovery.

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