What is colostrum? Essential surviving information…

family-1350744_1920Colostrum is more than just the sticky stuff that the probiotic sticks to.

It contains a database of all of the ‘information‘ that the parents ancestors collected going back 100’s of generations.

Everything they learned to do — self immunize against germs, learn how to digest every single food we can eat — every single thing we take for granted, they learned & stored that info in their hormonal system.

As soon as a woman is impregnated, all of this data is sent to the breast ready to be passed on like a baton to the next generation. Every sperm & egg is packed with incredible info.

Think about all of the cross pollination that happened to create you. All of the genetic strengths & weaknesses that were blended, when that guy from Italy hooked up with that girl from Ireland.

Think about this —- slave owners used to have the women slaves ‘wet nurse’ their children.

That’s right — they did not need to be pregnant themselves — but they were able to pass on that awesome African data —- then those little white babies filled with that beautiful stuff grew up to have their own babies with their white & black data —– so I think that makes us all AFRICAN AMERICANS —– AWESOME.

But there is still the question of why white men can’t dance…


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