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Crohn’s Is Not An Auto-Immune Disease

hospital-721239_1920Diagnosing crohn’s or any inflammatory bowel condition as an auto-immune disease is a classic case of how conventional medicine misunderstands IBD. This misunderstanding explains why they never see any success stories. They’ve got it backwards.

We don’t want to suppress the immune system we want to help it. If you have some type of injury do you want to prevent the immune system from helping you? All inflammatory bowel conditions are injuries-essentially cuts or gouges to the tissue. This just doesn’t make sense to me.

‘I don’t know about you but if my bowel starts doing weird things I’m getting in the boost the immune system line.’ Dr. Albert Snow (1999)

Their belief is that the symptoms of IBS-colitis-UC and crohn’s are caused by our immune system attacking our colon. This is shortsighted. Surely the immune system is involved but as our friend! Our immune system loves us and works 24/7 to protect us. Sure it is present at the ‘scene of the crime’ but not as the villain—quite the contrary. It is not the cause. It is part of the cure.

Let’s say we cut our finger. We better hope that our immune system automatically jumps into action like a fire engine speeding to a house that is on fire. In this analogy instead of spraying water on the fire our immune system sprays immune ‘factors-natural germ killers’ such as histamines on the damaged area to prevent infection and facilitate healing. If it doesn’t do that we get an infection. Then you get into another whole mess of taking antibiotics. This digs a deeper hole.

So in this example does this mean that the immune system cut my finger? Did the immune system just one day decide to start eating your colon?

What really happened is that you took an antibiotic in some form. That killed off your mucosal lining which protects the tender skin that covers your colon wall. This leaves the tissue exposed to your stomach acids. They eat- erode the tissue which then needs the immune system to come to the rescue.

When you take Imuran or Remicade to suppress your immune system you get crohn’s. It is not a disease. It is a manmade condition that can be healed.

With Imuran and Remicade suppressing your immune system you have zero chance of recovering. Which is your doctor’s prognosis.

The moral of the story is that the people who make the most miraculous recoveries from crohn’s treat themselves as though they have a cold by taking anything that strengthens the immune system. There are endless immune enhancing herbs that do this and will speed up your recovery. Trust nature that’s what she is there for.

I just had a young fella down in West Virginia who I had been treating for a stubborn case of crohn’s.  His mother kept emailing me about a persistent cold he couldn’t shake. They were both becoming frustrated. She asked me if perhaps we needed to strengthen his immune system to get rid of this cold. I prescribed a round of particularly strong immune building herbs and not only did the cold go away but the immune system automatically helped healed his colon.

We do not want to suppress the immune system. We want to encourage it.

Sincerely- Dr. Albert Snow

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