Diarrhea is Our Friend


The truth is that diarrhea is our friend.

  • I say friend because without it you would blow a hole through the wall of your colon in a matter of several days.
  • When an antibiotic in any of it’s versions destroys the mucosal lining in your intestines it exposes it to your stomach acids.
  • These acids literally eat holes in your bowel.
  • When they eat deep enough the acid and fibrous foods make contact with nerve tissue which can cause inflammation.
  • The body does not like that so it calls on it’s inate defense mechanism to protect it. It floods the bowel with water to dilute the acid minimizing the damage and also to float the acid and the fiber out asap.
  • Without diarrhea we are in trouble.
  • This will never go into remission or just go away all by itself. You have to do something about it.
  • Every day that you take Imodium or drugs like prednisone you are kidding yourself but not your body. While you are covering up the symptoms the damage keeps going on.
  • If this goes on too long it will take a lot of work putting humpty-dumpty back together again.
  • The mucosal lining which protects the intestinal wall also doubles as the GI tract’s immune system. This not only protects against infection but assists in a rapid healing of the colon

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