Diet for Colitis


A question I get from most every client of mine is ‘what do I eat?’ I understand the confusion as people naturally assume that there must be a different diet for each different inflammatory bowel condition. The reason for this confusion is that we have all been given the wrong information. We have been told that these are all separate and distinctly different conditions which are diseases and therefore must require different treatments. They are not and they do not.

Actually all of these conditions are nothing other than different versions of IBS. One may have the symptoms of diarrhea- another blood in the stool another mucus in the stool. They do appear to be different but they are not. The only ‘difference’ is the length of time one has had an irritated bowel. The longer the time-the worse the symptoms – the more scary the name we give it.

Therefore there is no need for different diets. The universal inflammatory bowel condition diet is to eat low fiber. There is no need for this to be permanent. Once you are healed you can eat whatever you want. Imagine that.

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