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Digestive Enzymes May Not be Good For You

bread-food-sandwich-healthyDon’t be so fast to think that digestive enzymes are the answer to your stomach problems. They may be—but then again there is more to think about here than you may think.

It appears to make sense that if after eating either specific foods or even for some of you after eating most anything you get bloated—excessive gas—bloating-heartburn-nausea—-all that kind of stuff-that maybe it would help if you took a digestive enzyme.

So you go to the local health food store and you are confronted with a lot of choices. You had no idea there were so many different kinds—papaya enzymes—HCL (hydrochloric acid)v – ox bile-protease-lactase-sucralase.  So you just grab one & start popping them every time you eat. Of course you get hung up a little like everyone else—-do I taken em before meals-during after? The bottle says to take them as your health practitioner suggests–hmm.

They may or may not help with your dysbiosis—-fancy word for messed up stomach. That is not the gist of this story.

What IS  the issue is that if you are not careful the enzymes might do more than digest your food—they may digest your stomach. They have been known to eat a hole right through the stomach wall- which is called an ulcer. If you think about it what is you stomach wall made of——food. We know that enzymes eat food right?

So-lets not blame the digestive enzymes because it is not their fault. They are not the cause–they are secondary. What is the cause? It happens when one has too little of the mucosal lining—the good bacteria otherwise known as probiotics. This lining is supposed to be living in you for your entire life and one of it’s jobs is to protect the stomach wall from the acid.

If we go a little deeper in our pursuit of the real villain—the root cause of the problem—–it’s those antibiotics you took for whatever-dental work-or the surgery you had–or that bad cold. The double edge sword is that we need them-they kill off the germs making us sick but they also kill our bacterial mucosal lining—leaving it exposed to our own stomach acids & to that $28.00 bottle of enzymes you bought. So–lets not blame the enzymes.

The solution? Get a good-wide spectrum probiotic—-that needs refrigeration & take it with some colostrum (you may need to track down a lactating woman). Take those for a month & it will coat your gut & the bonus is that you got a 2 for 1——this is the stuff that will resolve the bloating -gas etc issue.

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  1. Ginny Salvano Providence RI

    No that is an interesting concept. This may explain why once I started taking digestive enzymes for my bloating my stomach started killing me and once I read this I stopped taking them and the pain immediately stopped.

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