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Diverticulitis Causes

These are the same as any other inflammatory bowel condition. Essentially it is a man made injury. Diverticulitis does not just occur naturally -as does diverticulosis which is a breakdown of the internal bowel tissue – this comes about mainly from aging. Diverticulitis occurs when there has been damage to the mucosal lining that protects the intestinal tissue from digestive acids and food passing by. These then erode the GI wall until there is a “pot hole” deep enough to hit nerve tissue-at which point you feel pain. This can also bring about acute -urgent diarrhea. The only difference between this and IBS-Colitis-Crohn’s is that with Diverticulitis you will have 1 or 2 “pin holes” that go very deep vs with these other conditions you will have multiple locations more like gashes and not necessarily as deep- impacting nerve tissue & blood vessels and occurs in acute episodes not chronically. What DOES happen in relation to diverticulosis is the the “pocket” becomes perforated-essentially an ulcer (ulcerated colitis?) and you will then see blood in the stool. When you see mucus in the stool that is your body’s desperate attempt to block the hole and stop the bleeding. If that is not taken care of properly and you are hanging around on some drug foolishly thinking you are doing good the mucus thing will finally give out and say hello to crohn’s disease. So yes- the answer is that if you just go home after the 5th emergency room visit with no more useful info than “stay away from things with seeds”- I mean -come on- I would be embarrassed to say that- you are on the 1st stop of the “Train of Pain” The cause of diverticulitis is the same as any other IBD- because they ARE same thing. The difference is— how long did you wait to get proper care and therefore how much damage was done.
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  1. Jose Avila Mexico City Mexico

    This makes total sense. I had antibiotics for dental work and within 2 days I had terrible diarrhea that would not go away. I went to my PCP and she wanted to give me MORE antibiotics! Why can’t they figure this out? I took the advise that you gave to another person who commented on your blog & it is working so far.

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