Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services guaranteed?2022-01-04T15:50:42-05:00

No, because we cannot guarantee our customers will follow our instructions.

How much does treatment cost? What do I get?2022-01-04T15:53:30-05:00

There is a one-time fee of $295.00.  You get a protocol, which is a guide to what you need to do to get healed, step by step. It is 100% complete and will deliver you to being totally healed.

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What gastrointestional issues do you treat?2021-08-24T20:56:55-04:00

I treat the big 5 of Inflammatory Bowel Conditions (IBS, Colitis, UC, Crohn’s, and Constipation).

How will you know what treatment plan I need for my symptoms?2021-08-24T20:56:55-04:00

During the online sign-up process, you’ll fill out a brief form that I’ve designed to capture your medical history, symptoms, and anything else I would need to know in order to effectively treat you.

Are there age restrictions on who you’ll treat?2021-08-24T20:56:55-04:00

I treat patients of all ages, including kids. I’ve helped many parents get their little ones back to healthy again.

Do you treat international patients?2021-08-24T20:56:55-04:00

Absolutely. The only component that will vary in your treatment plan is where you source the supplements I recommend (and I’ll get you all set up with this).

What payment options do you accept?2021-08-24T20:56:54-04:00

All major credit cards are accepted. The cost for my services is due in total at time of sign-up.

How will I know what my diet should look like during my treatment?2022-01-04T16:27:47-05:00

There is no diet, other than temporarily low fiber.

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