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You can go to the Schedule an Appointment page or you can call 888-571-1855.

I treat IBS, Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease and Constipation.

I use a variety of specific nutritional supplements designed just for these conditions.

No you will not and there are also no dietary of lifestyle restrictions once you are cured.

No. All of my appointments are done via telephone or Skype. I do not need to examine you. I just need your past history and current symptoms. I will then determine if I need to see your medical documents relative to the condition I will be treating. You will be given the phone number to call when you book your appointment. Each appointment is 30 minutes long so please call promptly at your scheduled Eastern Standard Time.

I have been practicing Holistic Gastroenterology for 33 years..

All appointments are for 30 minutes.

The appointment costs appear on the Schedule an Appointment Page

Yes, I can provide treatment to anyone who has a gastrointestinal tract.

You may cancel an appointment at any time for a 100% refund.

Yes they are all natural food based & designed specifically for those with gastrointestinal problems. They have been carefully manufactured to not contain any common allergens. In 33 years I have never seen anyone have a negative reaction to any supplement that I have prescribed.

Yes – that is no problem. I use Skype, WhatsApp Messenger, Email, Facetime, Google Translate, and more to make sure I give you the best and easiest experience possible.


All consultations are done by phone, Skype or email