You’ve Got Questions, I Have Answers

Q: What gastrointestinal issues do you treat?

A: I treat the big 5 of Inflammatory Bowel Conditions – IBS- Colitis – UC – Crohn’s & Constipation.

Q: What can I expect from you during my treatment?

A: All patients receive a personalized treatment plan, supplement guidance and ordering information, access to my Knowledge Database, and monthly reminders and insights to keep your healing on track. Those who opt for The Advanced Treatment Protocol, also receive one-on-one access to communication with me throughout the healing healing process. Read more on how it works.

Q: How can I book a consultation appointment?

A: Your options are to choose one of the treatment plans or to call me directly at 508-533-7399 to set a day and time for a telephone or skype appointment. Some people choose to do everything by email.

Q: How much does treatment cost? What do I get?

The Advanced Treatment Plan is just $295 and is a great deal for all that you get. You get a 30 min initial telephone appointment with me. For 6 months you will also gain unlimited exclusive one-on-one access to me throughout the healing process. I micro-manage the process all the way through. You will actually get healed & you’ll end up spending far less here than you would (or have) going the traditional route.

Q: How long will my access to your treatment last?

A: When you initially sign up for a treatment plan, you’ll receive your Treatment Protocol and access to my Knowledge Database for 6 months. At 6 months, you’re able to renew all access and keep the healing process going if needed.

Q: What’s included in the Knowledge Database should I sign up for treatment?

A: Everything I know and that you need to know is here. I’ve compiled my 35+ years of experiential knowledge into a resource center you can access at any time for help with diet, supplements, protocol adjustments, and more.

Q: How much should I expect to pay for the natural supplements you’ll recommend?

A: The approximate price of supplement is $160-$195 / month for for the 1st 3 months of treatment and 1/4-1/2 that for any additional months needed for patients in the U.S. and Canada. Supplement pricing may fluctuate based on manufacturer changes. International supplement costs may vary based on region.

Once you are cured, there will be no dietary or lifestyle restrictions and you will be able to discontinue the use of supplements.

Q: Are the supplements that you prescribe safe to take?

A: Yes they are all natural food based & designed specifically for those with gastrointestinal problems. The have been carefully manufactured to not contain any common allergens. In 36 years I have never seen anyone have a negative reaction to any supplement that I have prescribed.

Q: Why no in-office visits?

A: It’s call tele-medicine or tech- medicine and it’s very popular in medicine these days for treatment that does not require examination. We’ve got a plethora of technology at our disposal which provides me with the opportunity to help people find relief no matter where they’re at in the world. Through emails and calls, I’m able to deliver all the guidance and information you’ll need to heal your gastrointestinal issues without having to examine you in-person.

Q: How will you know what treatment plan I need for my symptoms?

A: During the online sign-up process, you’ll fill out a brief form I’ve designed to capture your medical history, symptoms, and anything else I’d need to know in order to effectively treat you.

Q: How long will it take me to heal?

A: The average time to heal is approximately 6 months, though keep in mind that the healing journey for each and every patient is unique.

Q: Are there age restrictions on who you’ll treat?

A: I treat patients of all ages, including kids. I’ve helped many parents get their little ones back to healthy again.

Q: Do you treat international patients?

A: Absolutely. The only component that will vary in your treatment plan is where you source the supplements I recommend (and I’ll get you all set up with this).

Q: What do your patients think of you?

A: They love me. See what former patients have had to say about their healing journey—hear it from the cured.

Q: What payment options do you accept?

A: The cost for my services is due in total during sign-up. All major credit cards are accepted.

Q: Do you have a cancellation policy? Do you provide refunds?

A: You may cancel an appointment at any time for a 100% refund.

Q: How will I know what my diet should look like during my treatment?

A: Dietary recommendations and guidance will be provided based on your symptoms.