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Don’t Blame What You Eat for Your IBS!


Food has nothing to do with IBS. You can’t eat your way into or out of any inflammatory bowel condition.

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It is simple — you cannot get any inflammatory bowel condition from eating any food. You also cannot cure your IBS by what you eat or don’t eat. Many people believe that junk food can cause IBS and eating certain things like organic foods, can cure IBS. I know it sounds like heresy to say but you could eat junk food everyday and that would not cause IBS-colitis-UC or crohn’s. That is not how it works.

Some people believe their IBS was caused by their genetics. Others have been told by their doctor to stay away from dairy and gluten foods. Juggling food is not going to do it.

Actually I was wrong-there is one type of food that has to do with IBD. Fiber rich foods do have a connection. For example, if a person has a chronic gastrointestinal condition and they eat some foods that are high in fiber, then their symptoms very likely will be aggravated. Why? Because their intestines are already irritated and they don’t need to drag more rough stuff over them. This is really the only legitimate food and IBS connection.  Remember that fibrous food is not the cause of conditions like IBS – they only exacerbate the original pre-condition.

So here are the only food rules regarding inflammatory bowel conditions you will ever need to know.

Until you are healed eat a low fiber diet which is no raw fruit-no raw vegs-no nuts-no seeds no corn.

Then eat anything you want.

Bottom line–stop playing the blame game. Food did not cause your IBS and food can not heal it.

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  1. Albert Snow

    Paul—-think of it this way. It is more about what not to eat. Because we don’t want to aggravate the bowel any more than it is we only omit foods that contain a lot of roughage. So that means the only thing to change diet wise is—-no raw fruit-no raw vegs -no nuts no seeds no corn.

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