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Food Has Nothing To Do With Causing Or Curing Your Inflammatory Bowel Condition


You can’t eat your way into or out of any IBD. Eating lots of junk food doesn’t cause it and eating organic food can’t fix it. We need to stop playing the blame game. We need to stop manipulating food. In the treatment of your inflammatory bowel condition you need to pay little attention to food.

Several questions that I often hear are – ‘I had food poisoning last year could that have caused my IBS?’ No- you had a pre-existing condition that was on the cusp of manifesting and this just exacerbated it. Or ‘My Doctor told me to stay away from dairy and gluten – could eliminating them make my colitis go away?’ No. The same goes for any other food that you ate before things went south on you.

There is only 1 food rule-

Eat a low fiber diet. No raw fruit-no raw vegs-no nut -seeds or corn. You already have an irritated bowel so why would you want to drag rough stuff over it. Just following this one rule will decrease your symptoms by apprx 50%. This does not mean you are almost healed. It means that you have taken the 1st step in managing and eventually healing your inflammatory bowel condition.

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  1. Albert Snow

    Definitely–once you are healed you will be able to eat anything you want to. You need to not eat fiber foods until you are symptom from using my protocol.

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