Food Has Nothing to Do With Causing or Curing Your Inflammatory Bowel Condition

food-salad-restaurant-personThere is a popular belief that your diet is the cause of your Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), but is it really? The reality is that you absolutely cannot eat your way to IBD, and conversely, there is nothing you can do with your diet to cure it once you have it. It takes a little more work than that. So the people who tell you that you got it from junk food, and eating organic will fix it, it’s time to turn a deaf ear. Let’s stop blaming food and manipulating the role it plays in our gastrointestinal issues. Food is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but that is separate from any IBD. Where IBD is concerned, food is of little concern.

Some of the most common questions asked about IBD are:

‘I had food poisoning last year, could that have caused my IBS?’

No. You had a pre-existing condition that just wasn’t extreme enough for you to take notice of yet. Food poisoning was likely just an exacerbating factor.

 ‘My Doctor told me to stay away from dairy and gluten – could eliminating them make my colitis go away?’

No. The same goes for any other food that you ate before things went south on you.

There is only one food rule you need to remember if you are suffering with any of the forms of IBD. Eat a low fiber diet. No raw fruit or veggies, and avoid nuts, seeds and corn entirely. Fiber is like a scouring brush that cleans out your colon, but when you have inflamed sensitive tissue in your colon, the last thing you want to do is drag a scouring brush across it, right? Ouch!

By following this one rule, you can decrease your symptoms by approximately 50%. This, however, does not mean you are 50% healed. All this means is that you have taken the first step in self-managing your condition. The second step is getting on track with the healing process.

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