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For 20 years I had resigned myself to having to live with Crohn’s Disease. In November of 2005 I made an appointment with Dr. Albert Snow. His website said that he specialized in the natural treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Having no success with conventional medicine I thought I might give an alternative method a try.  

6 months and several appointments later all of my symptoms were gone. My medical gastroenterologist confirmed that there were no signs of Crohn’s Disease.I have had no problems since. DIANE PRIDE. - MA

At the age of 24 I was diagnosed with ulcerative Colitis. The Dr. was not very hopeful that I would ever be off medication. I did alright for the first year on medication. I was never really myself though. The diarrhea and blood loss was always there.  

As I got worse, the meds stopped working. At this point I was on the toilet 10 – 20 times a day. I lost almost 30 pounds and my activity was down to going between work and home. I was forced to tell my boss about my condition because I was late a lot and had to go home early some days. I had no life. I was weak, anemic and if not on the toilet I was in bed most of the time.  

I heard about Dr. Snow but wasn’t sure about trying an alternative treatment That changed when another visit to the GI Doc only left me with a bill and no real help. I feel we have been taught to trust the medical field to be 100 percent correct in their treatments. The problem is UC doesn’t always respond to traditional treatment. They can give you some relief but the underlying problem is never addressed.  

I took a leap of faith and contacted Dr. Snow. After our over the phone appointment I ordered his prescribed protocol. The diet made sense in giving my gut a rest. After the first 2 months I saw a real turn around. I started gaining weight and the time spent on the toilet was decreasing. For the first time I felt I had a shot at getting my life back.  

In less than 6 months I had gained all 30lbs back and was slowly starting to eat a wider variety of food. I’m coming up on a year since I first talked to Dr. Snow. I am now eating anything I want. I’m in remission with a minimal amount of supplements as maintenance. I’ve referred 2 others to Dr. Snow and both of them, although early on, are having success. I hope to meet Dr. Snow in person some day so I can thank him in person for giving me my LIFE back.  


At 33 years old I began having serious bouts of IBS that eventually turned into all day diarrhea and at times continued into the night. I went to Doctor after Doctor in Houston without relief. I was 67 at that time and had my doubts about being helped after such a long time of suffering this embarrassing and debilitating condition.After scheduling an appointment I asked the lady behind the desk if she thought Dr. Snow might be able to help me. She informed me that the gut was Dr.Snow’s forte and that he would certainly be able to help me.Little did I know that this was to begin my journey to complete recovery after 35 years of unrelenting diarrhea.  

During our 30 minute appointment he explained to me the detailed treatment and told me what each supplement would do. We continued to have phone consultations for 3 months before I announced that I no longer had IBS.  

I still can’t believe it, but I am living it, no more diarrhea.I could go on forever about how kind and attentive he is, but nothing is as impressive as the fact that Dr.Snow cured my IBS. During one session, Dr.Snow told me that when finished with me, he never wanted me to even think about living my life around the fear of another attack. Well, that day came at age 67. I am 73 years old now and I am still free of IBS. I can never thank Dr. Snow enough. JOAN HALE. - HOUSTON, TEXAS