Gastrointestinal Truth or Dare

truth-1123020_1920I challenge you to believe what I say here is true or dare you to dismiss it and keep going down the road you are. This is your fork in the road. 

Here is some stuff you should know while you are self diagnosing and have the delusion that you will be able to fix your stomach or bowel problem yourself.

  • If ‘it’ is above your belly button it is a stomach problem and will be labeled the generic name—gastritis.
  • If you have a belly ache once in a while that’s ok—if it is frequent or constant then you have a problem.
  • Just a side note—if you only knew how many sushi eaters I treat for ‘stomach viruses’ you wouldn’t eat it. They are lined around the corner. They are making me rich. I am considering putting signs on the highway saying-‘Eat More Sushi.’ I know you love it & feel cool because you eat it-let you be warned.
  • If you are bloated it is most likely coming from your belly although if you are chronically constipated it could be waste fermenting-rotting in your colon. If you don’t eliminate 3 times a day this is you.
  • As for bloating in your stomach it is obvious that you are not digesting your food properly. But why?
  • This is because the mucosal lining in your stomach has been disrupted by something that kills bacteria and will never get back to normal on it’s own. You will then be playing the futile game of—was it the dairy-wheat-chinese-6lbs of mac & cheese when I had the hungry horrors after hanging with my friends? (hmm-wonder what you were up to?)
  • Another side note about ‘sushi’-which we can use to represent any nasty stuff we consume. If you have your stomach set up properly you can consume ANYTHING-including tainted-rotten food-as in salmonella and it will break it down and you would never know it even happened. That’s what used to be called a ‘cast iron stomach.’ No one has them any more. We are a bunch of gastrointestinal wimps.
  • Leaky Gut———-this is when your mucosal lining has been totally destroyed by the stuff we consume and now your stomach acids are eating holes in your stomach wall just like it does to a bologna sandwich. Cast away all of the bull shit stories you hear about what Leaky Gut is. It is what I have said—believe me—stay off of google scaring the hell out of your self with the Leaky Gut conspiracies.
  • Acid Reflux / Heartburn / GERD. See what I just said about your stomach—same thing. Did you know that your esophagus is just an extension of the stomach and the bowel is just an extension in the other direction?
  • In fact your whole GI tract is just one thing-not one or the other.
  • Since they are all just parts of the same thing then all of the gastrointestinal problems are just variations of the same condition.
  • I often tell people that Acid Reflux is IBS of the esophagus.
  • More about this in my next post. Stuff that you never heard before -makes sense and is true.
  • Ok–below the navel—-these are considered inflammatory bowel conditions. IBS-colitis-ulcerative colitis-crohn’s. With these come a variety of symptoms. Bloating-gas-pain-cramps-inflammation-diarrhea -blood and mucus in the stool.  I challenge you to find someone in your circle who doesn’t suffer with some of this. It’s a manmade epidemic. It’s not something you are doing wrong. It is something that happened to you. You were blindsided. Are screwed ? Maybe.
  • All those names of conditions I just named above. None of them are syndromes or diseases. They are all the same condition with the only difference being the severity or advanced stage of the MAN-MADE CONDITION.
  • Here is my assignment for the day. Go to any gastrointestinal doctor in any country and find one that gives you different advice than-drugs-surgery or go to a shrink. They don’t exist. You are on your own unless you find someone who is a maverick-radically different-ahead of the curve-thinks outside of the ‘bowel’ and know’s what they are doing.

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