Everything You Think You Know About Your Gastrointestinal Tract Is Wrong

April 24, 2017


  • You know almost nothing about it because until the 2nd 1/2 of the last century you didn’t need to as it and you used to be self sufficient. That has changed.
  • Nothing has changed in the last 50 years of inflammatory bowel disease treatment.
  • There is no effective medical treatment for any IBD.
  • Yes they do have new drugs and fancy names for GI surgeries-‘J-pouch’ for one. They also have new ‘appliances’ as they call them for you to eliminate into.
  • If I had colitis or crohn’s -diverticulitis I would be grateful for what was available and would be the 1st in line-but I would also be looking for alternatives.
  • I’d also be a real pain in the neck and ask my doctor a lot of questions.
  • Things do evolve and sometimes the effective innovations come from somewhere other than where you are looking.
  • Let’s do our ‘google it test.’ Go find me anything from anywhere -any source of any kind that will tell you that they have proven that inflammatory bowel conditions are any type of auto-immune diseases. They don’t exist and they never will. Most of what you will find will state this and that they are working by theory only.
  • There is a new -valid and effective model for what these conditions are and how to treat them.
  • There are several key things you need to know.
  • Your GI tract is just one thing.
  • None of these manmade conditions are incurable ‘diseases.’
  • It is one long muscle stretched into a bunch of different shapes given names such as esophagus-stomach-small & large intestines-colon & rectum.
  • Think of the person at the circus who makes the animals out of balloons.
  • It is made of skin-fat & muscle just like your bicep or your thigh.
  • Just like these they can suffer injury.
  • If I cut my finger—-can it be healed? What is a finger made of?
  • A colon and a finger are made of the same thing–skin-fat & muscle & the healing process is the same.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Conditions are manmade injuries not diseases.
  • There is no valid list of different gastrointestinal ‘diseases.’
  • There is really just one injury and it starts with penetration of / a cut to the skin of the bowel.
  • Left unchecked this penetration keeps going deeper until it hits nerve tissue and blood vessels.
  • The deeper the penetration the more severe the symptoms.
  • This is commensurate with the length of time one goes without the proper care. If you do not receive the proper care you will never recover.
  • Have you recovered? What kind of care have you received?
  • There is just one inflammatory bowel condition.
  • That condition is irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Everything else – colitis-ulcerative colitis -crohn’s -diverticulitis are nothing other than a more severe version of IBS.
  • This is similar to 1st-2nd-3rd degree burns–the same skin-just more severe manifestations of the same condition.
  • There is only one starting point for you to heal yourself of any of these supposed inflammatory bowel ‘diseases.’
  • Go back to when you 1st started getting the symptoms and figure out what happened just before that.
  • All I did was to reverse engineer it.


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