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What Happens When You Say You Can Heal Inflammatory Bowel Conditions

How I got kicked off of 6 Groups in 6 days & why.

I did an experiment. I went to 6 online groups that discussed conditions such as IBS-colitis-diarrhea etc.

Here is what happened & here is what I learned.

I posted just one thing—

I can heal or cure IBS…..etc.

4 things happened immediately.

1. I got attacked by 100’s of members.

2. I got attacked by the moderators.

3. I had sincere people ask me how.

4. I got kicked off.

Here is what I learned–

1. These poor people are suffering-miserable & pissed off.

2. Many of the identify with their illness & won’t let you take that away from them.

3. $$$-when I was able to speak to the owners of the groups & asked them what the problem was—

this is what they told me—

‘the sponsors demanded they remove me.’

Who are the sponsors? Drug companies!

Yup—a group of people desperately looking for help that is sponsored by people who don’t want you to get healthy.

I would call it hypocritical but they actually don’t make any bones about it–they are in it for the money & willing keep you suffering. Check them out.

Albert Snow

For over 35 years, Dr. Albert Snow has developed a reputation as the world’s leading authority on holistic gastrointestinal healing. A Naturopathic Doctor and renowned author, Dr. Snow specializes in using naturopathic medicine to treat conditions where conventional medicine falls short.rnHis acclaimed book, The Holistic Gastroenterology Method, has changed the way the world sees inflammatory bowel conditions and has helped thousands who seek permanent relief from the pain of IBS, Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Chronic Constipation and various digestive health symptoms. Dr. Snow earned a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science from Boston University and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr College. He provides relief to those suffering from stomach and bowel problems worldwide.rn98% of his patients make a full recovery. The other 2%? They waited too long.rnAre you ready to restore your health and transform your life? Take back your health before it’s too late. Book an appointment online by clicking here or Call Dr. Snow directly at 888-571-1855.

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