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Highlights of a Recent Gastrointestinal Appointment

Below are excerpts from a recent appointment I had with a client. I thought it would be a good idea to pass them along as they address issues that so many of you can relate to.

Remember as I always say—-IBS-Colitis-UC-Crohn’s are all the same man-made condition. They not diseases. They are only separated by how much damage there is to the tissue which is commensurate with the amount of time one goes w/o the proper care.

My comments are in red—–

‘What was the diagnosis from your doctor?’ ‘Microscopic Colitis.’ 

Micro—as in tiny holes in the bowel wall. In actuality tiny holes = Irritable Bowel Syndrome—but what’s in a name.

‘What are your current symptoms?’ ‘Urgent diarrhea – I usually go once or twice 1st thing in morning and then once or twice in evening.’ ‘I often barely make it to the toilet.’
‘I also have some gas and bloating along with some nausea.’
These are all IBS symptoms. There is a specific treatment needed for each of these symptoms if treated separately but when treated properly they all come along for the ride.

‘I suspect that I damaged my intestinal lining by taking iboprofin for menstrual cramps.’

NSAID’s themselves do not cause any damage to the GI tract. This requires something else to happen first. See directly below.

‘I took numerous rounds of Cipro over a three year span.’

This is one of the world’s strongest antibiotics. Cipro is so strong it will kill antrax—so imagine what it does to your colon. As with any antibiotic it kills off the good bacteria that is part of your mucosal lining which protects the tissue of the bowel wall. Without this protective coating aspirin can NOW make direct contact with the colon wall which irritates the tissue & to quote this client- ‘those damn ibuprofin burnt a hole right through my gut!’

‘I have followed the Specific Carbohydrate Diet & when I stray from it & eat starches & sucrose, I get a ”flare” or gut infection.’

SCD is a nice diet but if that is all you do you will be juggling food for the rest of your life & if you cheat—like eating a cookie you will pay the price.

Food has nothing to do with inflammatory bowel conditions other than to aggravate a pre-existing problem. You can’t eat your way into or out of any IBD. What you should do is to use this diet temporarily while you are doing the things that actually fix the problem like temporarily taking the proper nutritional supplements.

‘Things I take to boost digestion like digestive enzymes seem to make things worse.’

The #1 cause of all inflammatory bowel conditions—after having taken the antibiotic which kills the protective mucosal lining is your own digestive enzymes eating your GI tract wall. So—–what happens if when in that vulnerable state you take additional digestive enzymes? When trying to do a good thing you exacerbate the problem.

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