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New Patients

Your Appointment with Dr. Snow – Your First Step to Health!

    • Prior to your appointment please remember to fill out the Health History Form using the link at the top of each page.
    • All appointments are done by telephone-skype or email. You do not need to come to my office.
    • I do not need to examine you. I just need the information you will provide on the Health History Form.
    • You should call me at 508-533-7399 for US & Canada. International appointments are done via Skype or email. I do not call you.
    • Your appointment will last just under a half-hour. Your appointment is on Eastern Standard Time.
    • After the appointment, I will email you a personalized Protocol Worksheet that will include all of the steps you will need to make a full recovery including instructions on what supplements to order, how to take them and any dietary restrictions you should follow.
    • You will have ongoing unlimited access to him whenever needed by phone or email at no additional cost.

All consultations are done by phone, Skype or email