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Home Remedies That Heal IBS

tea-party-1001654_1920There are no home remedies that heal any inflammatory bowel condition.

Home remedies only work for natural health maladies such as tummy aches-despepsia – gas – mild heartburn – nausea – the runs – things that naturally happen now and then. Most of this comes from consuming poor quality food or overindulgence. These are temporary and with a little help from nature- Aunt Bee or granny- the body will figure it out and move on.

With these temporary conditions there is no damage to the gastrointestinal tissue. That is where the difference is-damage and how to repair it. In the case of these IBD’s the GI tract is slammed-ripped open with holes in the GUT. These do not occur naturally and nature cannot repair them w/o some serious help.

As for IBS-colitis-UC and crohn’s Aunt Bee’s old fashion pig snout -camel toe soup is not going to cut it. This also goes for 90% of what is sold in a health food store and online for gastro-intestinal problems.

Why? It is because when you have tissue with severe damage as such you need to bring in ‘truck loads’ of the raw material that the tissue is made of. You have to actually rebuild a colon.

This is the new reality of inflammatory bowel conditions. This is what happens when the equivalent of atomic bombs—such as flagyl and cipro are dropped into our stomachs. You can’t just clean this mess up with a little herbal tea. We know Aunt Bee means well—-but that was last century’s medicine for last century’s bowel problems.

So please—–if you have projectile diarrhea or are bleeding profusely from the butt do not sit around sniffing essential oils or eating uncle tommy’s herbal magic brownies and expect to recover.

This is reality. This is the 1st rule for bowel recovery.

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