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Hope for Inflammatory Bowel "Disease" Sufferers

This is a random sampling of the Reviews & Testimonials that I have received on the online calendar on my website.
Amy G. says: My son, age 8, was diagnosed with Crohn’s about 6 weeks ago. I had been researching natural cures and came across a stool transplant as an effective treatment for IBD. This procedure replaces your bacterial flora with healthy flora from a donor. This told me that there was a correlation between IBD and the bacteria in your gastro tract. I asked his medical doctor to perform the transplant and he said he would only do it for a c-diff infection, not Crohn’s. That was a blessing in disguise for us because it forced me to find a Naturopath who was knowledgeable in replenishing the bacteria needed to cure IBDs. I found Dr. Snow’s website shortly thereafter and was thrilled when everything I read on his website mirrored exactly the same conclusions I had come to!! I read his blog backward and forward and was amazed to find out just exactly how simple it is to cure Crohn’s. We got started on the supplements right away and 5 weeks later, my son is doing great. He has regained his appetite, is back to his normal weight, and is running around and playing like a normal child again. It is hard to believe that he was such a sick child just last month. I know we still have some work to do, as he is still passing small blood clots, but I definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Snow for his informative blog where I have learned at light-speed about IBDs and general health, and his research on natural cures for so many conditions. He truly has a gift for healing.
Expert Doctor/Someone who understands the condition.
Laura C. says: I Spoke for the first time with Dr. Snow a few days ago. I found it refreshing that someone really understood my problems to include my ongoing food allergies/sensitivities and stomach issues. I have spent so much money with some of the top western doctors and they just do not get the allergic condition and the value of a clean diet! I am hoping for the best results and finally feel UNDERSTOOD!
Great guy, talked a lot of sense
Kevin W. says: My first consultation with Dr. Snow was great, he gave good insight into how we are to go about repairing the damage to my gut. He stayed on the phone longer than our allotted time to answer any questions and it’s good to know we’re both from Manchester on either side of the pond. So I’m looking forward to putting the plan into action, healing over the next few months and staying healthy.
Hope to those who Search
Marcell N. says: My IBD was dormant for almost 7 years. Recently it flared and was diagnosed by my doctor after blood work and a CAT Scan that I would need to be on an injectable medications for the rest of my life to control the inflammation. I was so depressed until I spoke to Dr. Snow who gave me hope and explained to me what was really going on and that he could help me to be cured. Every GI doctor should take note = Dr. Snow should be their mentor.
I finally feel like there is hope.
Blane R. says: Spoke with Dr. Snow yesterday over the phone. I was very impressed with his knowledge about IBD. I can’t wait to start on the recommended protocols and get on the road to being healed!! Conventional medicine only offered to cut out part of my bowel, thanks Dr. Snow. Thank you for caring about people like us! Thanks for responding to my desperate email so very quickly, I will never forget that. Blane R
Dr. Snow gave me hope
Melanie N. says: I had my initial consultation with Dr. Snow yesterday and I was very encouraged to find him to be compassionate as well as extremely knowledgeable on my specific GI issues. I have been an enigma to many doctors, which hasn’t stopped them from prescribing harmful medication and antibiotics, and I am hopeful that Dr. Snow’s protocol will once and for all cure this debilitating condition and allow me to function like a ‘normal’ person again. Dr. Snow’s logic really makes sense and I am hopeful he can help me.
Appointment went well and I have seen some improvement already
Ricky R. says: I had a phone consultation with Dr. Snow yesterday. He reviewed my situation and offered suggestions that brought me some immediate relief from the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis. He is the only doctor in 30 years (I’m 54) that has offered me any hope in healing. I look forward to the day when I am healed.

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