It’s Straightforward:

You get healed or you get your money back.


Choose The Option That Is Best For You

The Standard Treatment Plan is a great deal. It  gives you the exact same information as you would get from the Advanced Plan for $100.00 less! You get to skip the 30 minute phone appointment and have the plan sent to you immediately.  See plan options below.

Safely Share Your Health Information

You’ll fill out a brief form I’ve designed to privately receive your medical history, symptoms, and anything else I’ll need to know in order to effectively treat you.

Receive Your Cure Protocol + Knowledge Database Access. A Great Resource!

Upon sign-up, you’ll receive my recommended protocol to start your healing. In addition, you’ll gain access to my comprehensive Knowledge Database full of insights and information you will use along the way. This is cool and it will answer any question you have.

Monthly Check-Ins Tips + More. You’ll Love These!

Each month, I’ll reach out to touch base with relevant tips and reminders to ensure your healing is moving in the right direction.