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IBD is not an Auto Immune Disease


blood-20745_1920The title auto–immune disease suggests that the cause of these symptoms:

  • – diarrhea
  • – pain
  • – bloating
  • rectal bleeding and
  • mucus in the stool

is the immune system attacking the intestines for no apparent reason.

Science cannot explain exactly why and how this occurs because it isn’t true.

The truth is that the immune system’s involvement in this is only a secondary reaction to a pre-existing condition. The immune system is NOT the cause of these symptoms.

Remember this: The immune system is trying to help us not hurt us. How are we going to heal anything in our body without it?

 It is our own digestive acids eating holes in our colon. This occurs when we have had enough antibiotics to destroy the mucosal lining that protects the colon wall from these acids. Once these holes get deep enough undigested food particles slip through them into the bloodstream.

Because they are not digested, the immune system interprets them as enemies and attacks them with harsh immune factors such as histamines which in themselves are just another form of digestive acids. So now we have inflammation coming from the inside of the colon wall as well as on the surface causing much confusion within the medical community.

This sounds an awful lot like an advertisement for Leaky Gut Syndrome doesn’t it?

Remember that this immune response is only secondary to the initial manmade pre-existing problem. 

Then our doctor who doesn’t understand this, does recognize that the immune system IS involved but he/she makes the incorrect knee-jerk assumption that since the immune system is in the area it must be the villain. Then they go further down the wrong road and they prescribe immune-suppressive drugs.

And here we go, on top of the initial problem: Now we have an immune system problem.

This is surely a reason that conventional medical doctors do not ever see success stories.

Just because the meds are suppressing the symptoms doesn’t mean that the digestive acids and the immune histamines stop eating away at our colon. While we are feeling pretty good about things the acids are breaking down the tissue until one day we see more evidence that something is wrong when we see blood or mucus in our stool.

In a nutshell IBD is not an auto–immune disease and it is completely preventable and fixable by people who know how. Seek them out!

Always ask questions until you are satisfied with the answer!

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  1. Yasmin Virji

    I have had breast cancer six years ago after that iended up with auto immune liver hepatitis and went from stage 1 to now stage three cirrhosis I now have stomach issues not sure if it is IB leaky gut but I have major tail bone pain and knee pain which I have never had before I have been told it is from the gut are you able to help
    Thanks Yasmin

    1. Dr. Albert Snow

      Possibly—-I may be able to help with the liver itself. The pain may be referred by the GI problem. It is quite common for that type of pain to cease once you fix the GI / liver issue. My treatment for the liver would over lap & effectively treat both at the same time. I would need more info to help you. please send me an email @——tell me some more details-especially of any GI symptoms.

  2. Albert Snow

    It can be confusing. It is because in trying to heal the tissue the immune system does release inflammatory chemicals to kill germs. These can also inflame the tissue. Be clear about this—–this is never the cause of the condition. So-suppressing the immune system may minimize the symptoms but will also prevent the immune system from healing the tissue.

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