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IBS & Colitis & Arthritis

woman-1006100_1920Think you have arthritis? Got aches and pains? Has anyone ever actually told you what arthritis is? I mean what causes it-other than getting old? Of course we all know that ‘itis’ refers to pain-irritation. It’s pretty mysterious stuff. Where the hell does it come from?

Could there be any connection to conditions such as col-itis? How about Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

If you have one of these inflammatory bowel conditions –irritable bowel syndrome-colitis-ulcerative colitis or crohn’s your arthritis-aches and pains-they could be connected. How could that be?

Every nerve in your body travels through your colon. So—-since ‘the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone’ – if you have erosion of the colon wall-which is what these conditions are and you have stomach acid eating away at these nerves—irritating them-then any body part could feel the pain.

Here is my experience with my clients. Often-when we heal the colon / bowel-upper GI-stomach=gastritis-esophagitis the other aches and pains go away.
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