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IBS & Dogs & Cats & Giraffes & Lions & Tigers & Bears & Humans Oh My!

What a weird title for a blog post. Go ahead and read it—you’ll get the point

Do our best friends—our pets-dogs-cats-parkeets-salamanders-rabbits and hamsters get IBS? Yup-anyone who has a gastrointestinal tract is susceptible to having irritable bowel syndrome.  Huh? How can that be? Do you mean that they get autoimmune system disease too? Well no on that count. Linking our immune system to our bowel is just an unsound theory. Ignore it.

Is your dog or cat suddenly having accidents on the living room carpet? Do they rush to the back door after eating? Did your cat have a urinary tract infection? Did your dog eat a dead bird then just wasn’t herself?

Think back-did all this begin after that trip to the vet? Did you come home and start hiding the pills he gave you in their food?

Know this—WHEREVER  that anti-bacterial goes it is going to do it’s job-kill bacteria-the good AND the bad. That is the good stuff that is supposed to line and manage our colon. When you loose that you loose control of your bowel.

It’s time to put another pill in their food—-one that is laced with good bacteria.
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