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There is a lot of unnecessary confusion surrounding IBS. There need not be. Once it has been sorted out it becomes clear that it is simpler than you thought and that there is plenty of light at the end of the tunnel.

What Irritable Bowel Syndrome is and is not.

  • IBS is an inflammatory bowel condition that effects the colon.
  • IBS is not a disease.
  • IBS is a manmade condition created by exposure to antibiotics in various forms.
  • These come by way of prescribed oral or topical antibiotics and our tainted food and water supply. Our environment is saturated with them.
  • The antibiotics destroy the mucosal lining that protects the colon wall. The lining does not grow back on it’s own. We need to put it back in.
  • This allows your digestive acids and fibrous foods to erode the colon wall bringing about the various IBS symptoms.
  • The major symptoms of IBS are diarrhea with bloating and gas.
  • Left untreated the damage will continue and the symptoms will become more severe and you will eventually experience blood and mucus in your stool.
  • If you wait too long for the proper treatment you run the risk of developing more serious bowel conditions like colitis- ulcerative colitis or crohn’s disease and eventual surgery.
  • There is no effective medical treatment for IBS. Conventional medicine only tries to manage the symptoms with the perpetual use of prescription medicine.
  • Do not believe anyone who tells you there is no cure for IBS. People are cured everyday.
  • The only effective treatment for IBS is the use of natural herbal remedies that reverse the effects of antibiotics. In essence regrowing the bowel tissue made of skin-fat & muscle.
  • These are highly specialized natural medicines that contain the very nutrients that the colon tissue is made of. Much like calcium and bone.
  • It is possible to achieve a complete and permanent recovery in 90-120 days with a near total cessation of diarrhea in the very 1st 7-10 days of treatment. It is not uncommon to need minimal tweaking to achieved 100% normal function.
  • When done properly there is no need for any maintenance with nutritional supplements and no dietary or lifestyle restrictions.

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